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Spring 2020

Phase 1 and Phase 2 ongoing project activities include:

FPL construction material continues to be stored at a site located approximately five miles northeast of the Island in Manatee County. This location allows the undergrounding contractor to secure and store the FPL undergrounding materials so they can be delivered to the construction site as needed.

Wilco Electrical is finalizing their utility undergrounding construction of the primary and secondary conduits along the Neighborhood streets in the northern half of Country Club Shores in Phase One.  Work will also move back to the GMD corridor for Phase 1 to install fiber, Comcast, Highway and street lighting circuits and continued work in nearby neighborhoods and side streets.  As work is completed switching orders will be given to energize FPL equipment.  We will be scheduling the final conversion work as we move forward and will notify all individual properties prior to the day of the final transitions from Overhead power to underground connection.

All conduits and feeder lines have been built along GMD for Phase 2. Some areas that have also been completed include Broadway Street, Firehouse Road, Longboat Drive South, and areas around Poinsetta Avenue.  We will be installing conductors and setting equipment in Phase 2 GMD corridor this summer and will initiate the Neighborhood work as we near completion of Phase One

Looking Ahead - 2020

All undergrounding work as well as utility pole and cable removal for Phase 1 is anticipated to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2020. Phase 2 work along GMD and portions of the Neighborhood is expected to be finished by the end of the 4th quarter and into the first quarter of 2021.

FPL has completed the design plans for Phase 3 and is working on the preliminary design for Phase 4 of the utility undergrounding project expected by the end of July. Once complete, the project team will work with FPL to develop a construction schedule to move into the Phase 3 areas by the first quarter of 2021.  Additionally the Town will coordinate installation of the town streetlight to concurrent with the FPL undergrounding construction activities.

Comcast and Frontier continue removing their aerial utility lines and re-connecting cables to residences to be switched over to underground facilities.