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Enhanced Technology

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Fiber Optics and Smart Pole Street Lighting

Florida is the 10th most connected state in the US, but Longboat Key is only the 75th connect town in Florida ahead of Palmetto, Bradenton, Ellenton, and Bradenton Beach. In Sarasota County, approximately 14,000 people do not have access to higher speed wired broadband, and 7% of Longboat Key residents are severely limited in fiber based broadband choices. This is why Longboat Key plans to install a fiber-optic backbone in conjunction with the GMD Project.

The Town is negotiating public-private partnership (P3) agreements that can provide next-generation wireless and Fiber-To-The-Premise (FTTP) services to the residents, businesses, and community anchors located across the island. The Town expects the partners will deliver advanced internet and other IP based products and services, including enhanced cell phone and wireless services across the island.

The Town expects the partners could provide solutions that bring delivery of advanced Internet and other IP based products and services, including enhanced cell phone and wireless services. With the implementation of the proposed fiber backbone down GMD and throughout the neighborhoods, the Town will own the fiber and the infrastructure, lowering the cost of high-speed internet for the municipalities and the residents. This will translate into significant efficiencies in public services, where the savings can be used for future Town improvements.

A state-of-the-art fiber system running to the homes in the Town increases property value and desirability for prospective residents. The proposed fiber optics backbone will be readily accessible to local businesses and residential neighborhoods, adding superior bandwidth and performance speeds for demanding business needs and family entertainment at a substantially lower cost. Whether running a profitable business from home or streaming music while jogging down GMD, high-speed internet will available throughout the Town.

Overview and Goals

  • Deploy the infrastructure (conduit, fiber cable, equipment, headend, upstream services) needed to support the delivery of next-generation broadband, cell phone and wireless technology services.
  • Support the quality of life and economic needs of residents through a platform of high-speed Internet service and other advanced cell phone, wireless Internet of Things (loT) technologies and IP services.
  • Ensure FTTP accessibility and enhanced wireless services to 100% coverage of the community over time, including residents, businesses, and community facilities; the Town is open to exploring wireless last-mile options that feed off the new fiber/conduit feeder/distribution network.
  • Establish Longboat Key as of one the most connected Gigabit communities in the West Coast of Florida with services and an innovation platform that match.
  • Establish innovative, long-term partnerships with qualified Service Provider(s); that are:
    • Willing to partner with the Town, to discuss, agree upon, and develop and provide best in class products and services to the residents, businesses, and community anchors located on Longboat Key.
    • Willing to consider approaches where capital is contributed to the partnership.
      Enables the Town to generate a positive revenue stream from its conduit, backbone network assets, fiber, and street lighting/pole assets.
    • Provides a turnkey managed solution whereby the partner is responsible for all operations and maintenance of systems deployed.
    • Enables the Town to make use of these vertical assets to deploy various community facing technologies


  • Improve public safety.
  • Advance the Town’s economic sustainability goals.
  • Potential to reducing energy consumption and operational costs.
  • Enhance public goods and services through the use of technology.
  • Greatly improve cellular, mobile, and wireless coverage throughout the community.