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Current bills are due when rendered and become delinquent at the end of the month in which the bill is submitted.

Payments can be made using cash, check, credit card, money order, or direct debit from your bank account. Please note, payments made online through our web portal will not reflect on your account till the next Town business day.

To pay online, please visit Access My Gov Bill Pay.

If making an online payment with your bank, keep in mind they send us a bank check through the U.S. Mail, so please allow 5 to 7 business days for the payment to arrive to us.

Delinquent bills are subject to a 10% surcharge (Penalty) up to $250.00 per month. Delinquent balances plus the current billing must be paid IN FULL by the 15th of the month following delinquency or service may be discontinued.

Please mail payments to:

Town of Longboat Key
P.O. Box 366128
Bonita Springs, FL 34136-6128

Direct Debit

Tired of writing a check each month and searching for a stamp to mail it? TLBK Quick Pay is the way!! It will ensure your payment to us is never late, it will save you time and money and the best part is it is free!

The Town of Longboat Key will automatically transfer your payment from your checking account. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient. Just complete the direct debit form located on the back of the payment stub and return it to us with a voided check.

If you have any questions, please call us at 941-316-8700.

Change of Address

How can I change the address where my bills are sent?
You can fill out a change of address form at the post office so that the bill will be forwarded, or you can have the address changed by the Finance Department by calling, faxing, mailing, making a notation on the billing stub, or by dropping us a note in the drop box.

Discontinue Service

To discontinue the Town's water, sewer, garbage, and recycling services, contact the Finance Department (941) 316-8700. To arrange for a final reading, please contact us 3 days prior to the discontinue date.

For electric, telephone, gas, and cable, contact your service providers. FPL 800-226-3545, Verizon 800-483-4000, TECO Peoples Gas (941) 342-4025, Comcast Cable (941) 371-6700.

Swimming Pools/Sewer Credit

Credit is given by the Town for sewer charges, when filling a swimming pool, once every three years. Contact the Finance Department (941) 316-8700 for details.