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Ambulance / EMS Billing

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The Finance Department is happy to file your insurance claim, but your assistance is needed. Please provide us with the information requested below. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Medicare Claims

The Finance Department will bill your ambulance claim to Medicare Part B electronically if we have your Medicare number and your signature on file. If this information is not gathered at the time of the ambulance run, you will receive a request in the mail for your signature and/or Medicare number.

We will also be requesting any supplemental insurance information you may have. This request will come with a return address envelope from the Finance Department so that we can bill your Supplemental carrier. If there is any balance after these payments, it will be written off. Monies on Longboat Key are only accepted from Insurance companies for Medicare Part B patients, NEVER from the patients themselves.

Non-Medicare Claims

Patients will receive in the mail a request for Primary Insurance coverage information, such as carrier name, billing address and ID/contact number. If this information is provided, the Town of Longboat Key will bill your ambulance claim for you.

Out of Country

If you are from outside the U.S., simply provide us with insurance information and billing addresses and we will be happy to file your claim for you.