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Sarasota Bay

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Sarasota Bay is a highly productive estuary, but because of rapid population growth since the 1940’s and beyond, substantial negative impacts have occurred to the bay and it’s natural resources.

Certain measures have been having a significant beneficial impact for the restoration of Sarasota Bay, for example wastewater and stormwater treatment technologies. But furthering the restoration goals depends on each one of you making a difference.

Suggestions to get you started:

  • Get involved in community plantings and exotic removal projects.
  • Get involved in Adopt-a-Shore or community coastal cleanup projects to remove harmful marine debris from our waterways.
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse paper, glass, aluminum and plastic materials.
  • Learn about environmentally-friendly ways to landscape your Florida Yard so as to reduce stormwater runoff pollution from entering the bay.

Further information and assistance for environmental education:

Addresses of Longboat Key Bay Accesses:

Bay Access Notes
3490 Gulf of Mexico Drive Parking available onsite
4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive  Parking available onsite
710 Gulf Bay Road Parking available at Joan M. Durante Park
711 Gulf Bay Road Parking available at Joan M. Durante Park
899 Broadway No parking available
800 Russell Street No parking available
755 Magnolia Road Parking available onsite
6800 Longboat Drive South No parking available
755 Linley Street Parking available onsite
6930 Bayside Drive No parking available