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Building Division FAQs

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  • Does the Town participate in the National Flood Insurance Program?

  • How long does a permit stay active?

  • If “minor work” is part of a larger project, is a permit required?

  • If I do not see a building permit posted, how can I tell if my neighbor has one?

  • My contractor’s business card states that he is, “LICENSED & INSURED” what does that mean?

  • What are the ‘minor work exemptions’ from building permit?

  • What can happen if I do not get the final inspection and my permit is revoked?

  • What hours can contractors work?

  • What is Base Flood Elevation (BFE)?

  • What is required to finalize my permit with the Town?

  • What is the "Freeboard Rule"?

  • What is the cost of a building permit fee?

  • What is the Statewide Building Code?

  • When is a permit required?

  • Who can pull a permit?

  • Who Interprets the Statewide Building Code?

  • Who should I contact if I have any other permitting or building code questions?

  • Why are the requirements on the mainland different than on the island?

  • Why does the final inspection matter?

  • Why does the State of Florida have such strict requirements?

  • Why would my contractor ask me to pull a permit for the work that he will be doing?