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General Function of the Town Commission

  • Adopt and amend Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Determine Town policies and standards of service
  • Determine how much money is to be spent and for what purpose
  • Determine what Town taxes are to be levied
  • Appoint citizens to various boards and committees
  • Represent the Town as its political leadership

Commission Meetings

Town Commission meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, unless a conflict exists with a legal holiday, at 1:00 PM in the Town Commission Chamber, 501 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key, Florida. The Commission also meets for a monthly workshop meeting. Workshop meeting dates are adopted as part of the annual Town Commission meeting calendar. All Town Commission meetings are open to the public and provide the opportunity to address the Town Commission.

Commission Members

The Longboat Key Town Commission consists of seven members elected for 2-year terms. Beginning with the 2020 election, terms with transition to 3-years.

The current Town Commissioners and terms are as follows:

Sherry Dominick - District 1
George Spoll - District 2
Mayor Ken Schneier - District 3
Jack Daly - District 4
Ed Zunz - District 5
B.J. Bishop - Commissioner-At-Large
Vice Mayor Mike Haycock - Commissioner-At-Large

Commission Photo

From left to right:

Commissioner Spoll, Commissioner Zunz, Commissioner Dominick, Commissioner Bishop, Mayor Schneier, Vice Mayor Haycock, Commissioner Daly.

For additional information concerning the Town Commission you may call the Office of the Town Clerk at Town Hall, 941-316-1999, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.